Which Necklace Length is Right For You?

Women with a shorter neck are likely to want to create the effect of a long, slender neck, and styling yourself in the correct jewellery for your body type can make that difference for you.

A smaller bust can get away with any necklace chain length except one that hangs to the cleavage area.
With a larger chest there is an area to avoid where the pendant sits on the farthest outlying point of the bust shelf, and bounces. It’s much better for the pendant to be shorter OR over the shelf and below where it finds a less hectic place to live.

A large pendant looks great on a short or long chain but will look bigger and a little more inspiring on a short chain, as pendants tend to look smaller the longer the chain they hang on.  

Small pendants work best on a chain that is 20 inches or shorter.  Also the longer the chain the thicker it should be otherwise it ends up looking lost.
If layering shorter chains are best if they are at least 2 inches longer than the one above as this gives a little room for pendants to hang down without obliterating the one below. 

16 inch and 18 inch used to be the staple length but we now sell anything from 14inch to a 42inch length chain.