Our Team

Kate, Zoe and Vanessa are available by appointment for private commissions, please contact us for more details.


Trained at Chelsea Art College and went on to do her BA (hons) in jewellery and goldsmithing at Central St Martins art college. After graduating from here she designed for a number of established jewellers in London and abroad. Shortly after this she joined forces with Kate and Zoe. Vanessa is never far from pencils and paints and is passionate about designing interesting progressive jewellery. Her interests in the arts also include etching, printmaking, painting, sculpture and drawing.


After five years of working for different stone dealers and jewellers and obtaining her FGA and DGA she set up Robinson Pelham with her fellow directors in 1996. Since then her passion for gemmology and geology and a knowledge of the gemstone market has helped Robinson Pelham use some of the most interesting ingredients in their jewellery, from Paraiba tourmalines to brown diamonds and every shade of rainbow sapphires and garnets in between.


Kate has worked in the jewellery trade for 29 years, working for various established London jewellers for nine years until setting up Robinson Pelham with Vanessa and Zoe. She has a raft of experience through all aspects of the trade, including gemmology, a passion for stones, sales, creating new jewels from old, trading in antiques, and offering impartial advice.