Buying fine jewellery for your partner? How to shop with confidence

You put a lot of effort into choosing the perfect gift for your partner at Christmas, so why should you become one of the millions of people whose unwanted presents get returned after the big day?

It is estimated that £143 million worth of gifts get sent back in the weeks following Christmas.

While many of these are the usual ‘socks and clocks’ from distant branches of the family tree, a significant number come from partners whose expensive gift sadly hit all the wrong notes.

In fact, the dread of falling into this ‘category of shame’ has been known to transform seasonal gift-buying from what should be a festive highlight, to an anxiety-ridden exercise in fear and loathing.

It’s this predicament that inspired the team at Robinson Pelham to launch our new concierge service, dedicated to giving you complete confidence in your fine jewellery choices.

“The team at Robinson Pelham has spent their entire career in jewellery, that whole time understanding the role jewellery can play in someone’s life and, by virtue, they understand what women want and can help guide their partners accordingly without making terrible mistakes at special times, especially at Christmas,”

Says Robinson Pelham founder Zoe Benyon.

“Listening is key. Understanding reactions, finding out about lifestyle, character and priorities and what’s important to the gift buyer, and also wearer, is all part of the service. We do it year in, year out. Especially during the holidays”

Mistakes to avoid when buying jewellery for a partner

The most common mistake when selecting a piece of jewellery for a partner, is to fall back on preconceived ideas about what jewellery should be.

Men, in particular, often veer towards diamonds and platinum (or white gold) as this is what they perceive high quality fine jewellery to look like.

Adding colour can be a challenge and it can even feel a little risky. Yet the opportunity to buy something that feels truly bespoke and unique comes from our ability to match the colours that our partner will love.

How do I know the right colour jewels for my partner?

Pay attention to what your partner chooses to wear. Too often, we only remember the jewellery we bought for them rather than noticing what they actually put on.

Take in what they wear day-to-day and pay attention to the items they choose to avoid (especially the ones you bought them!). And don’t just pay attention to their jewellery choices, take note of the colours and textures of their favourite clothes too.

The more you notice about your partner the easier the buying process becomes. Do they have multiple piercings? How would you describe their skin and hair colour? Do they wear their hair short, or long? Even their neck shape and bust size will determine the types of necklaces you should consider.

Finally decide whether you want something for everyday wear or for special occasions only, and if you want the stones to have a special meaning, such as a birthstone. Above all, avoid thinking in terms of budget rather than what the gift is. The more expensive option is not necessarily the best choice for you.

Did you know? Robinson Pelham EarWishes all have meaning and can be a great guide to help you choose a gift.

model wears fine jewellery by Robinson Pelham

How to buy fine jewellery with confidence

Becoming well-versed in your partner’s tastes and colour schemes is the key to successful jewellery buying. Every person has a set of colours, patterns and textures that work for them, whether it’s fine textures and muted colours, or bolder, chunkier, more dramatic styles.

The more you know about the unique set of rules for your partner, the more confident you can be. The more confident you are, the more enjoyable the whole process becomes.

Zoe says:

“One husband brought two bangles from stock in diamond/white gold and diamond/rose gold, for a very pale skinned wife who came back in January and returned them.

She then chose (from the same collection so her husband wasn’t offended) a diamond and yellow gold bangle and a rainbow sapphire and yellow gold bangle.

He now buys every colour for her, all in yellow gold, with total confidence, infinitely more enjoyable for him.

He is now verging on a collector

It is much more fun shopping for someone when you know you are going to get it right, we have men in here who’s eyes shine with confidence when they say: “It has got to be green, I know she loves green”.

About the Robinson Pelham Jewellery Concierge Service

Our fine jewellery is worn by some of the most recognisable and photographed people on the planet.

We specialise in having collections that range from diamond, through each individual colour to rainbow so almost every collection will have something to suit everyone.

This is what we are all about, having the right piece to suit the recipient rather than some random piece at the right price point.

We will never rush you unless we can see you need help with a decision. We actively do not want to sell you the wrong piece as it will come back.

Ready to book our concierge service? We can accommodate you via Zoom or face-to-face in our flagship Chelsea store.