What Kind Of Jewellery Person Are You?

Jewellery is a big deal to those who love fashion, no outfit is complete without some jewels to finish the look off.

At Robinson Pelham we provide jewellery for everything. Simple, every day bits as well as wedding and special occasions, we have a huge array of colours, stones and sizes from bracelets to cuffs to rings.

What kind of jewellery person are you? See our edit below and find out what kind of jewellery lover you are!

A Statement Ring

Some people just can’t leave the house without a bold, statement ring on their finger. Our Vault rings come in three different colours. And you don’t get much more statement than those!

Subtle Sparkle

A little sparkle around your neck makes for a subtle statement. Our mini elixirs are stunning, their size makes them a little less in-your-face but still give a sparkle wherever you go.

Every Day Use

Our identity bracelets are a cool addition to your wrist, wear on the same arm as your watch for a stacked-up effortless vibe. Why not change up the middle link to match your outfit?

Embellished Ears

Our Orbs, EarWishes and Ear Cuffs are bestsellers for a reason. The range of sizes, stones and colours make it difficult to pick. So if your purse is feeling generous or you have a birthday approaching, why not get a few and stack them up – or swap them round?