Style Series: Emily Blackwell

We caught up with effortlessly stylish fashion influencer @emily_blackwell to find out all about her favourite fashion tips, time on TV and what she loves most about Robinson Pelham.

So, we’ve seen you on our screens on Made In Chelsea, how did that opportunity arise for you?

I have a few friends that were already on the show, so they approached me and asked if I’d like to take part. I thought it was an amazing opportunity but I did feel slightly apprehensive at first!

What did you want to be growing up?

I always wanted to work in fashion, I love playing around with style and trying on different outfits.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself married with kids and a dog haha. But also would really like my own business in something to do with fashion or a lifestyle brand.

Has being on MIC helped you create a platform and boost a career in something you love?

Yes! I love working with lots of fashion brands and being an influencer, it’s so much fun!

If you had to choose one type of jewellery to wear every day what would it be?

I always wear lots of necklaces, I love having a mix of necklaces especially gold.

What do you prefer, beauty or fashion?

Definitely fashion although I do love my beauty products and have a cupboard full of beauty stuff. I like to mix it up and try different things.

Who is your style icon?

My bestie, Lottie Moss!

Shoes, bags or jewellery?

Jewellery, I LOVE the Robinson Pelham Orbs, EarWishes and Cuffs.

What is your favourite Robinson Pelham piece?

I just love my Orbs and EarWishes, they always catch people’s attention! And I love how much choice there is – you literally have an Earwish for everyone!!