Style Series: @jewelryjudy

We all have guilty pleasures, and we have no shame in admitting that ours is instagram stalking the wonderful @jewelryjudy.

Based in the US, Judy portrays the most precious pieces of jewellery in an outstanding way, giving what usually cannot be done justice, much of it and more.

We wanted to chat to her and find out a little more about how her jewellery obsession began, and what her favourite pieces are from Robinson Pelham.

So Judy, we see you’re a huge lover of jewellery, how did this come about?

I have always been inspired by art and design.  A jewel is definitely a form of artistic expression whether you accept it as fine art or not. It requires excellent craftsmanship and knowledge. Precious metals combined with gems and precious stones, all given by Mother Nature and re-designed by human. This is so fascinating. It quickly turned into my biggest passion when I got my first piece of fine jewellery. However it doesn’t have to be ‘precious’  for me, mixing precious with other materials is so innovative and attractive!

What do you love about photographing jewellery?

Photographing jewellery can be challenging as jewels are usually small in size and shiny. It requires high skills and the best lighting settings in order to get a good result. I love using my iPhone the most and use a special lens which I clip onto my phone that helps take the best shots. I love anything related to jewellery and photographing it is one of them. It’s all about my love for jewellery actually.

Can you tell us your three favourite jewellery brands and why?

I cannot limit them to three, but I may tell the ones which come to my mind first after (of course) Robinson Pelham.

  • Silvia Furmanovich – Her jewellery is exceptional. She has an innovative and distinctive style.
  • Ilgiz Fazulzyanov – He is the King of enamel! A master enameller who works with hot enamelling techniques. His work is detailed, innovative and traditional at the same time. I am such a huge fan of him!
  • Kataoka Jewelry- – They have an elegant and romantic style combined with excellent craftsmanship. So adorable and exquisite.

What goes into just one of your instagram posts?

Creating content, searching, planning and curating the ready content, posting them on the right time frame, answering comments, DM’s and e-mails! It takes a lot! but I love it.

How big is your jewellery collection?

My personal jewellery collection consists of pieces from my family, gifts I got from my friends and I bought and/or designed myself. I am in love with gemstones! I have a special collection of stones which I bought from trade shows and well-recommended suppliers all over the world. My gem collection consists of Paraiba Tourmalines, Canary Tourmalines, Hauyns, Opals, Moonstones, Mandarin garnets, Mozambique garnets, Sapphires, Spinels and many more! I use them to add new pieces to my personal collection.

In three words, how would you describe Robinson Pelham?

Modern, Coloured, Elegant

What is your favourite Robinson Pelham piece?

The Aspen Earrings from the Oxygen Collection are definitely my favourite!