Orb Around The World

Summer is fast approaching, and what best way to start celebrating the sunshine than to adorn your ears with sparkling diamond Orbs and colourful Earwishes?

Our Orb Hoops are available in four different sizes and eight dazzling colours, and they can be worn alone or dressed up with a choice of 102 mesmerizing Earwishes that simply hook through and hang beautifully. For those with single ear piercings, our Earwishes are the perfect way to make a statement without too much fuss, the diamonds dazzle in the light and can take you through from day time chic to evening elegance with ease.

For those with more than one piercing in each ear, the Orbs and Earwishes are the perfect way to create an incredibly curated ear that will bring a cool, quirky edge to any time of day. Mix and match colours, sizes and Earwishes for a playful yet chic look that can take you effortlessly from casual to dressy.

The Orb Hoop sizes come in mini, medium, midi and large and the measurements are as follows:

  • MINI – 8 mm
  • MEDIUM – 10.5 mm
  • MIDI – 12.5 mm
  • LARGE – 14.5 mm

Each Earwish is encrusted with diamonds, tsavorites or sapphires and symbolises a different trait for example, the Arrow Earwish symbolises courage, the Bolt symbolises transformation and the Tusk symbolises strength.