How to wear multi-use jewellery

Make the most of the precious jewellery you love by wearing it in different ways for different occasions. Here’s how it’s done…

Why choose multi-use jewellery?

When you truly love a piece of jewellery, you want to wear it all day and all night, no matter what the occasion. Packing away a stunning necklace or boxing up an eye-catching earring to save it for another time just feels like a waste.

As the saying goes, ‘Don’t save something for a special occasion. Every day of your life is a special occasion.’

Thankfully, Robinson Pelham’s fine jewellery is bold, beautiful and specially designed to be worn in a variety of ways. You could say it’s the perfect example of multi-use jewellery!

As Vanessa Chilton, Creative Director at Robinson Pelham says,

‘We love designing pieces that can be worn in different ways. Not only does it mean value for money but it gives the customer a range of beautiful options.’

Want to display a favourite charm on your bracelet during the day then add it to your ear hoop for an evening out? Done. Want to add sparkle to your look by wearing an ear charm on a necklace?

It’s all possible and here’s how…

couture multi-use rings

Identity collection

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own bespoke bracelet or necklace, now’s your chance.

The Identity collection contains stunning 9ct and 18ct yellow gold link bracelets and necklaces that come with double clasps and the opportunity to add a bar, nameplate or charm to complete your look.

Couture multiuse identity bracelet

Choose an Identity bar set with rainbow sapphires or black and white diamonds in a chevron pattern or even opt for an 18ct yellow gold nameplate set with diamonds reading Me, You, Love, Always or a name of your choice for a unique piece.

‘Quite a few of our collections are made of interchangeable components which means you can change the colours to suit your outfit or make something look more daytime or more evening ready,’ says Chilton.


Hero Charms

Add a sense of drama to your morning, noon and night with a swashbuckling Sabre hero charm that can be worn on a hoop earring or as a pendant.

This slender sword-shaped charm comes in endless varieties for a highly personalised finishing touch.

The Sabre is set with trilliant cut diamonds, green tsavorites, pink sapphires or blue sapphires.

If you simply can’t decide on a favourite, choose the Rainbow Sabre with carré and baguette cut sapphires and tsavorites in every colour of the rainbow.

Hero Charm Multi Use Earring



Express yourself with an EarWish that speaks to you.

Choose a 14ct yellow gold feather representing celestial wisdom, a palm tree adorned with yellow sapphires and tsavorites symbolising triumph or a rainbow set with multi-coloured sapphires meaning happiness.

Add it onto an Orb hoop, an Identity bracelet or a Chroma necklace and wear your EarWish in as many different ways as you like.

Or wear several ear charms together.

Robinson Pelham have a specialist ear menu service to help you mix and match the perfect combination of studs, hoops and charms.

Gecko couture earwish earring

Insider tip: work your way up the ear with larger pieces at the bottom and snug-fitting styles at the top.



Add a graphic touch of turquoise, pink opal, black opal, lapis or yellow gold to your ear stack, neck or wrist with a WishDish.

Thanks to their clever design, WishDishes can be worn on Orb hoops for an extra level of glamour or do double duty as a spirited hit of colour on a bracelet or necklace.

Either match the colours in the WishDish with your hoop or necklace for a strong harmonious feel or pair two contrasting designs to create your own bespoke look.

We hope you found our quick multi-use jewellery guide useful Don’t forget to head over to our Fine Jewellery Collection to browse our unique range of handmade bold, beautiful designs.


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