Style Series: @fran_newmanyoung

We caught up with fabulously stylish fashion influencer @fran_newmanyoung to find out all about her favourite fashion tips, time on TV and what she loves most about Robinson Pelham.

So, we’ve seen you on our screens on Made In Chelsea, how did that opportunity arise for you?

At the time I was working in music marketing for a major label. I was friends with Andy Jordan and was approached to join the series by one of their scouts.  I had my anxieties about being on a reality series but I recognised the opportunity to use it as a platform for the creative projects I was working on.

What did you want to be growing up?

I have always loved writing and performing.  I went to Hurtwood House for sixth form – it’s the dream school for anyone creative.

Has being on MIC helped you create a platform and boost a career in something you love?

Being on MIC definitely gives you a platform.  You have to be careful how you use it.  People start becoming interested in your personal life and passions – which of course has it’s pros and cons.  It’s important to relish the right opportunities, work hard and take risks.

If you had to choose one type of jewellery to wear every day what would it be?

Now, that’s tricky.  I suppose earrings and either a large statement pair or lots of little ones.  They draw attention to your face which is always a good thing. I just adore the Robinson Pelham Orb Hoops

What do you prefer, beauty or fashion?

I can’t decide between the two.  The way you dress and do your make-up effects how you walk, how you act, how you dance.  I love it when you put on something bold and wild and you embrace an inner-diva.  Or when you dress to the nines in a stunning floor-length dress, statement jewellery and immaculate make-up and you feel so graceful and elegant.  Or those days when you drift around in a floaty dress and nothing else.  They’re both such great tools for self-expression.

Who is your style icon?

I am loving Rocky Barnes at the moment.  I pretty much bought all the swimwear she wore for my trip to Mexico.

Shoes, bags or jewellery?

Jewellery.  There’s something about the way a beautiful piece of jewellery catches the light.

What is your favourite Robinson Pelham piece?

It’s between the Siren Earrings and the Carola Bracelet.

Do you have any other favourite jewellery brands?

Melissa Kaye has some cool statement pieces.  For everyday jewellery I love Daisy London – I recently collaborated with them for their healing stone collection.