Halloween Jewellery Picks

Here at Robinson Pelham, we’re partial to changing our jewellery to suit every season. We bring out our summer favourites during the warmer months, winter style jewels during the coldest time of year, and everything else in-between. Admittedly, our favourite has to be halloween, take a look at our ‘twilight zone’ to see our halloween-inspired jewels.

Not only do we like to change our jewellery seasonally, you may have seen our shop front adapts to the changes too.  You’re missing out if you haven’t yet spotted our flock of bats fiercely flying away from the giant golden web! If you haven’t, get yourself down to our store on Elystan street and see for yourself…

Step inside, and you’ll spot some perfectly seasoned jewellery, like our third eye Stud or spider web EarWish. Shop our halloween picks below to keep your ghouls – sorry, jewels, on-trend!