Christmas Gift Buying Guide

Christmas Gift Buying Guide 2019

It’s Christmas! For jewellery gift inspiration this year, the experts at Robinson Pelham have put together this guide to successful Christmas jewellery shopping.

We’ve split this guide into two parts: First, some quick recommendations for the special women in your life, followed by a detailed explanation of how to pick the best jewellery down below.

No gift could be as perfect or as meaningful as a hand-picked piece of jewellery made from precious metal and glorious gemstones. But there’s so much beauty and glamour in our catalogue; what should you choose?


Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend or Fiancée

For the special lady in your life, the element of surprise is key. Some subtle questions can lead you to the right conclusion, but these ideas are a great starting point.

Gift Ideas for Your Wife

You know your wife better than anyone but the chances are she has been in to see us and has created a wishlist. You’ve got the questions, we have the answers. Here are our suggestions:

Gift Ideas for Your Daughter

Jewellery from a parent is a keepsake. Something sentimental which can be kept forever. These are our suggestions for a special present for your daughter this year:

Gift Ideas for Your Mother

Nobody works as hard or loves you as much as your mother. Show your appreciation with one of these jewels:

Gift Ideas for Your Friends

For a friend, something small and sentimental can say everything you need to say. Our earwishes and studs all have meanings which can act as a symbol of your friendship.

Gift Ideas for Your God-daughter

Ever forgotten her birthday? Make up for it with a simple message.


Why Jewellery Makes a Great Gift

Jewellery is timeless. Fashion trends are fleeting – and even the most touching words are easily forgotten. But heartfelt love and gratitude will stand the test of time, and so will a gift of fine jewellery, when it comes from the heart.

Jewellery has meaning. It’s more than a medley of rare metals or a cluster of precious stones. Jewellery is the sum of all the moments that brought you together and all the beautiful memories you’ve built.

Jewellery has history. It has pride of place on vanity tables. It’s worn close to the heart. It defies time, dangling for ages in that treasure trove of memories that we call a jewellery box. It stays in the family – and it never skips a generation.

Jewellery is forever. It captures the depth of your feelings and commits it to memory. A single glimpse at a shimmering gemstone setting can take you back to the days you cherished the most. Or take you forward to the happy memories yet to be made.

Jewellery is genuine. Nothing conveys sincere appreciation like a special necklace or bracelet that reminds you of a loved one – and nothing lets your loved one share their feelings as proudly as they do when they wear your gift of fine jewellery.

How to Choose the Perfect Gift

Skilfully crafted rings and bracelets are masterpieces in their own right. But are they right for the lady in your life? It’s naïve to think that you can’t go wrong with a jewellery gift. Many people buy gifts to their taste, not the recipient’s. Others are simply unaware that their loved one has already set her eyes on something special.

So, unless the lady drops you a crystal-clear hint, you may find it hard to please her with a gift. But rather than question your mind-reading ability, rely on the experts at Robinson Pelham for hints and clues to find the gift of her dreams. And as we explore your options together, let your gift search turn into a journey of self-discovery.

Jewellery Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend/Fiancée

Jewellery will tastefully mark the moment your relationship blossoms from a budding romance into a lifelong journey blessed with balance, stability, and commitment. As you get to know your better half and her tastes better, buying jewellery for her may also become harder. Here are some tips to guide you through the process of choosing that one piece of jewellery she’s bound to cherish forever.

It all starts with the element of surprise. Why not leave her speechless with a piece of jewellery that celebrates her spirituality, strength, and unparalleled beauty? Give her the Moon and Spirituality Chakra Necklace, a piece of jewellery of mystical beauty, as you declare your love under the moonlight.

Profess your admiration for her undying devotion with the Diamond Rock Necklace. Reveal how proud you are of her energy and tenacity with the ‘Elixir of Strength’ pendant. Or better yet, show her she brings colour to your world with the Chroma Turquoise Necklace. If love gives you wings, say it discreetly with the Wishback Dove, a symbol of harmony and loyalty.

Jewellery Gift Ideas for Your Wife

Give your better half a jewellery gift that shows how inextricably linked your hearts are. Jewellery can serve as a token of appreciation, a milestone, an anniversary gift, or a loving gift – and of course, the perfect Christmas present.

We encourage ladies with well-rounded tastes who know exactly what they want to create a wishlist that they can share with their spouses. A wishlist is like a window into a lady’s heart, showcasing the jewellery pieces that have meaning to her. But even without a wishlist, our customers can find plenty of ideas and inspiration browsing our jewellery catalogue.

Show her that your love for her is second to none with a pair of eye-catching Diva Earrings bedecked with diamonds. Let her know just how smitten you are with her by gifting her a pair of mesmerizing Hypnotica earrings. Celebrate her zest for life with a pair of Disco Hoop Earrings. Or let her know your love for her shines just as brightly as ever with a dazzling pair of Vega Star Earrings.

Jewellery Gift Ideas for Your Daughter

As she grows and blossoms before your eyes, jewellery gifts will mark the milestones and capture your deepest feelings of pride and joy. Colourful rainbow sapphires and tsavorite gems encrusted on a Single Orb Hoop earring make a very special present for a girl beyond compare. Christmases come and go, but jewellery gifts will stay with her forever. Let her wish upon a star with a pair of Large Star EarWish earrings set with stunning diamonds.

Celebrate her successes with the brilliant Balloon EarWish earring adorned with precious stones in vibrant colours. Let her playful personality shine through with an eye-catching Chroma Pink Bracelet. And let her attach special meaning to the beautiful Orb Cuff, a timeless style that’s bound to make a splendid keepsake and family heirloom.

Jewellery Gift Ideas for Your Mother

Actions speak louder than words, so make your feelings for a loving parent known with a tasteful jewellery gift. The splendid LadyBird Earwish set for hoop earrings will make a an ideal Christmas gift – but feel free to extend it as a small token of gratitude for years of work and self-sacrifice.

Celebrate the person who has always been there for you by gifting her a stunning Heart EarWish pendant. Wear matching diamond hoop earrings to crystallize your bond, and stand out with interchangeable pendants that match your own style. or if she’s a dog lover, why not try a Dog Paw EarWish pendant?

Jewellery Gift Ideas for Your Friend

A one-in-a-million friend is a person you can’t take for granted. Let them know you were destined to be friends with matching Constellation EarWish hoops. Celebrate that twist of fate that brought you together with the iconic Dagger EarWish. Together with hoop earrings and Hero charms from the same collection, these gorgeous accessories and tokens of platonic love will let you shout it from the rooftop.

Better yet, be her true and trusted BFF with a lovely Turtle Pendant gift. The pineapple is a thorny but sweet fruit, a symbol of welcome, and an excellent choice for a stud earring. But if you like your gift to be inconspicuous and versatile, let your friend have the colourful and bright Single Orb Hoop in Pink.

Jewellery Gift Ideas for Your God-Child

Being there for your godchild is an honour and a blessing. It’s only natural that you mark every milestone with a gift of glistening gold. Why not let her Christmas gift be a pair of earrings like our Single Orb Hoop in Green.

Show off your pride from day one with the Cross EarWish hoop set with five brilliant diamonds. It makes a fantastic Christmas gift and it can be passed on from generation to generation with pride and gratitude.

As your godchild grows, let her know how much you appreciate her with a beautiful Rainbow EarWish beset with shimmering stones. Blue sapphires and diamonds make excellent keepsake gems, especially when they’re encrusted on the gorgeous Whale EarWish hoops.

Celebrate her achievements and pledge to protect her forever with the Bolt EarWish diamond hoops. As she grows to become an independent woman and perhaps also a mother, let your gifts or earrings, EarWishes, and Hero charms make up a collection of keepsakes that she can pass on, so that they have even greater meaning.